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Q: Where can I park my Trailer?

A: As of now, trailer parking will be the Lakota School,  it is 1 mile from the host hotel.  

Q: Where will Touring Judging Take place?

A: Touring class will be approx. 8 miles from the hotel in a secure indoor parking lot.

Q: Do I need to be a member of MARC to come and enjoy the meet?

A: YES All attendees must be a Member of MARC National to attend any function of the meet, that is 1, 2, 3 events or all venues. The MARC National is an event for MARC Members only.  You can find how to join on the registration forms.  ALL Persons MUST fill out the registration form and pay the registration fee.  

Q: I only want to attend a few venues, do I have to register and be a member of MARC?

A: See above YES 100% 

Q: When is registration available?

A: Registration forms will be available here as well as the Model A News Jan/Feb Edition        coming soon to all members and NOW on the schedule page.


Q:. Where will Fine Point judging take place this year

A: Fine point will be inside the host hotel ballroom

Q: Will there be youth activities like always?

A: Yes Emily Elway our youth coordinator has an entire week of activities planned.

Q: Do i need to be a member of MARC to rent a table for the swap meet?

A: YES this is a subject that occurs every year and due to insurance all people that attend must me a member of MARC.  You can request a swap space on the registration form.










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