"Come to Where the A' Was Born, Join us in Dearborn 2019"

Welcome to the National Site for the 2019 MARC Meet


Well by now most of us have made safely home. I want to thank ALL Of you members that came to the Marc National and supported US and the Model A Restorers club. This was an incredible meet. From our Gold Sponsors, The VFF, Rob & Carolyn Mills, Chris Green and Connie Green, Brattons, Gaslight Auto Parts and Mitch Hartka from the Vintage Ford Forum. To our premium raffles, Kelsey Tire, Antique Auto Rebuilders, Kelsey Tire, Vintage Vehicles, Herbs Glass and mirror, Ron Ehrenhofer and Brassworks. My outstanding co-chairs who worked non stop, Paul Ganninger, Rita Gould and our registrar  Sandy Fox and Joe Fox , Joe Valentine on The Hubley Derby. Rita Gould on our Hospitality room, Tours John & Roger Khami, the Incredible GRAND TOUR by Roger & John, Repair tent Jim Zimmer, Can Raffles, Christine Rozny hosting the mazing Ice Cream social, Amy Rozny on our youth, Carolyn Mills and Rob Mills as well as our swap meet director Rob MillsLinda Morford and Chris Aupperle in fashion, John C Silvestri Sr.& Donna hosting our awards banquet and Rob and Carolyn our Awards banquet. Rod Cotter putting together our Woodward Cruise., Rick Nance and Jim Brand on Fine Point, Stan Sorells on Touring class.  Michael Leblond and his father jumping in head first to take control of the youth chassis.  Ken Ehrenhofer and his coverage of the meet with Glenn Willcoxassisting him. All of the people that gave seminars, Ford Motor company and the team of over 65 volunteers from all over that helped on every committee non stop. Of course i could not thank enough Lil Val Maron for all she did as our Meet Liaison working with every committee, selling clothes, coordination and dealing with ME...Thank you all for everything and all the members of MARC. I am proud to have been associated with every one of you.

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Paul Ganninger

Meet CO-Chairman
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